Thursday, October 29, 2009

Medical Attention

Medical attention

anyone in need of medical attention this season? Don't work i'm a professional! i'll make sure you are ok!

Outfit: -SU!- Crazy Nurse (Halloween 2009)
Skin: [the oBscene] I am too spooky for my skin!
Hair:[Gauze] Nephra - Bloody Mary
All gifts from their respective stores..

-Kalel Mommsen

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Slook White Sensation Launch Party!

What is your Virtual Style?
Show us at the Bacchaus Sim From 3-8!
Dress Code: White!
Taxi to Party

White sensation party



Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pay it Foward

Patchwork began with a selfless act of generosity, and now I am to pay the same deed forward. Months ago I was hosted on my friends land, free of charge. She insisted on pushing me through the door of owning my own store, and so much more. I wont forget her generous deeds towards me, and they have really moved me. I'm a firm believer of Karma, and paying good deeds forward, so now it is my turn.

I am going to host a newer creator, a friend, on my land. I am paying for the rent, I am paying for the plot, and to help me push this deed into action, I have set out an exlucive item in my store for only 25L to help make this come true, not for me, but for my friend Renee.

I'm asking you, to go do a good deed for someone, in any life. Send a nice comment to your favorite blogger, help a new player out with something, go tell your children how beautiful they are, or smile at a stranger. Do something good for someone else, anything... anyone.

You can read more on this project in world.
Visit Patchwork
- Prudence Skytower

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Deadly Dance

Halloween is comming. I hope you are awake.
You don't want to miss what i have in stake.
The darkness is here. Don't cry and woo.
Here have i written a poem for you.

A Deadly Dance

It always happens at this time of year,
it is the day the ground quivers in fear.
the paddle of feet dancing into the night.
A deadly dance for those to fright

When gone completely is the sun,
people running around looking for fun,
looking for tons of candy to bite
A deadly dance for them to Delight.

Not all is safe for those who play.
as there is more to night then is to day
Magic prances the air in spite
A deadly dance for those tonight.

The graveyards rock and shimmer and shake.
Spells are Cast and they begin to awake.
Zombies, Demons, immortals incite.
A deadly dance for those to Blight.

The screams of terror, the struggling fights
The people scrambling into the moon light
The black cats and bats begin to recite
A deadly dance for them at twilight

the sounds of laughter Kackle into the air.
the night has come for all to despair.
A Crooked smile contemplates the sight
A deadly dance for her to say Goodnight!

Hair: fri. - Quinn - Jaded Blond
Skin:(*CM*) Halloween Gift 09 :[sneivni]:
Ears: [][]Trap[][] Beastie Drow-Elfs
Outfit: ::: B@R ::: ToeShoes

-Kalel Mommsen

Monday, October 5, 2009

A future appearance

naughty ninja

hair: >TRUTH< Sable - espresso
Armor: *110prims* CA01 Female Set Box(W)
pose:HOT DIVE-pose wall

-Kalel Mommsen